Sunday, October 18, 2009

'CSI: Lapland' Airs in Sweeps

HOLLYWOOD, CA - CBS will roll out the heavy artillery for November sweeps with a two-hour pilot episode of CSI: Lapland. A new franchise in the popular series, 'Lapland' features a crack investigative team unraveling mysteries above the Arctic Circle. Slated to overlap Leno on November 5, the pilot introduces the team as they track down whoever mixed Ecstasy with lichen causing the reindeer to act funny. Subsequent episodes will include:
While visiting a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the team discovers someone has filled a cranberry bog with Mr. Bubble.
Suspects abound at a youth festival as the team searches for whoever poisoned an unpopular lute player.
A Lap TV host is found strangled in his luxury sleigh with cod intestines and suspicion points to a disgruntled ice fisherman.

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