Saturday, October 17, 2009

Official Admits Urugauy and Paraguay Ficticious Countries

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A State Department insider related there are no such nations as Uruguay and Paraguay. "Those are government code words for party towns," said an anonymous State Department source. "A hundred years ago, when someone wanted to chill in Rio or Capri or some Greek island, they told their families they were being assigned to Uruguay or Paraguay. In the 1930s, Secretary of State Cordell Hull paid to have both names added to world maps. But if you travel to where they're supposed to be, its all Brazil. They'll be the first to tell you." The State Department has officially refused comment. A call to the Uruguayan embassy was answered by a man with a thick Brooklyn accent who claimed to be the Ambassador's friend. A call to the Paraguayan embassy was forwarded to a Microsoft service center in India. "They've got a company out in California that designed flags, and puts out press releases, and finds people to show up for the Olympics," stated the source. "I got shot down on a trip to Fiji, that's why I'm blowing the whistle." (Photos: &

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