Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mayan Calender Featured Carvings of Pretty Girls

YUCATAN PENINSULA, MEXICO - Archaeologists have discovered new stone carvings once attached to the famous Mayan calender depicting young women in suggestive poses. "This is groundbreaking stuff," said Professor Wayne Hamilton of Princeton University. Discovered in an underground chamber beneath a temple complex, the find, according to Hamilton, along with other evidence, "indicates the great 'Long Count' calender was originally handed out as a give-away at pyramid openings." The images depict women bending over to pick up maize, or holding a barbed war club between their legs and smiling coyly. And while excavations continue, Hamilton speculates these pictures explain why the 'Long Count' resets to zero on Dec. 21, 2012. "Given the calender's 5,000 year cycle, we feel Mayan stonemasons ran out of poses. I mean, there's only so many cute, sexy ways you can carve a girl weaving, making pottery, or being tossed in a limestone sinkhole as a human sacrifice. It's tough." (Photo: officialcountdown2012.com)

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Once again, a week of nothing but the most INTERESTING NEWS ITEMS on the planet. Thank you, INI, for keeping me informed!

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