Friday, October 16, 2009

Richard Dawkins Opens Grief Counseling Service

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Scientist Richard Dawkins, author of the evolutionary primer The Greatest Show on Earth, has opened a grief counseling service aimed at educating the dying and their families on the impossibility of an afterlife. "The evidence is wonderful and enthralling: there's nothing after death. In fact, there's nothing in life but blind, pitiless indifference," chuckled Dawkins, manning the phones at his modest store front office. As people called in with tales of loved ones lost to boating accidents or crime, or with their own terminal diseases, Dawkins soothed them with evolutionary theory, explaining how we are all random accidents and will simply decay like dead crows on a highway. "It's vital I drive home how little the universe cares about them," said Dawkins. "That's why I get their credit card information first." (Photo:

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Steve Burri said...

Worms rule! (No! That is not a comment on the Obama Administration, but now that I think about it...)

In an interview with the head (it could have been the anus, who can tell?) of Worm Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, he responded, "Nom, nom, nom!"