Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CGI Hotel Fools Nerds

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Four computer professionals were injured after mistaking a CGI hotel for a real one and stepping onto a freeway. One of the injured, Adam Punctell, explained: "We thought we were walking into the lobby of a Quality Inn for a conference on disposable imaging and suddenly we're in the right lane of the 101. But the graphics were awesome! It was worth eight broken bones." Not everyone is pleased by the public appearance of computer graphics interface. Said Mountain View Police Officer Duane Montoya, "These damn nerds are getting worse. They've set up CGI stop signs, rest rooms, and methadone clinics. I'm fed up." Montoya has attempted prosecuting nerds for creating a public nuisance, but every arrest was dismissed by a CGI court official. "These people on the freeway were nerds, too," complained Montoya. "If they can fool their own kind, what hope do normal people have?" Montoya vows to continue the fight. "We've gotta get 'em away from keyboards. Maybe offer 'em a chance to touch a girl on the shoulder? Hell, they probably make their own women on a computer, then grab themselves in an improper manner. I don't know for sure. But it seems likely." (Photo:

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