Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Airline Denies Off-Course Pilots Played Warcraft

EAGAN, MN - Northwest Airlines has denied two off-course pilots were playing the popular World of Warcraft computer game on their laptops. "Just another crazy Internet rumor," said Northwest spokesperson Gary De Sale. "Forget about it." However information leaked from a National Transportation Safety Board hearing the pilots attended indicated otherwise. According to an unnamed source, "The first officer was an Alliance Night Elf named Treequick, and the captain was a Horde Troll named Slobbercrush. They hated each other. They would carry maces and battle axes on the flight deck. I mean, the NTSB even had an email from Slobbercrush to management asking to be paid in Warcraft cyber gold. Trippy." De Sale refused comment on the allegations. "We'll stand by the NTSB report. Unless it says anything about World of Warcraft. Then it's untrue." (Photo: criticalgamers.com)

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