Friday, October 30, 2009

Vegas Family Wins Des Moines Weekend

LAS VEGAS, NV - Casino manager Eric Valenti was stunned to learn he'd won a weekend at the Des Moines Quality Inn. "Free coffee and Danish before 9:00 AM," said Valenti, observing the MGM Grand blackjack tables as a floor show with magicians and fire-eating dwarfs took place in a nearby lounge. "Apparently my wife hit it big. She was on a website buying supplies for the dancers she choreographs and clicked a side bar button. Next thing you know, we've got two days in Iowa. Lucky, huh?" Valenti paused as bells sounded near the slot machines, signalling someone had won a progressive jackpot worth 375,000 dollars and a Toyota RAV. "I hear they got a balloon museum there. Quilt shows, too. You know, my kids have never once seen corn? I mean, outside a can and all. This is gonna be wild." (Photo:

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