Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stone Compares Hitler to Chicken McNuggets Woman

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Working on a new documentary about dictators, Oliver Stone compared Hitler to the Ohio woman who punched through a McDonald's drive-through window because their weren't any Chicken McNuggets. Said Stone, "Hitler wanted something—Poland—it wasn't available, and he threw a fit. No one ever talks about his upside: Volkswagen's, a vigorous non-smoking campaign, and the 'life unworthy of life' program that killed the mentally ill so as not to burden the health care system. All we ever hear about is Jews, Jews, Jews, World War II." Stone also hoped to put Stalin's rule into perspective. "I see him as more a Burger King customer. In fact, I see Stalin as the Burger King himself, running out of Whoppers, forcing customers to praise the absence of food, while torturing the kid making French Fries into accepting total responsibility for the burger shortage, then killing him. Afterwards, there'd be a parade in the parking lot. I haven't worked it all out. But its important for people to know that Stalin cared deeply about tomorrow, even if it meant shooting everyone today." (Photo: Public Domain)

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