Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brock Lesnar Slated to Fight A Building

LAS VEGAS, NV - Despite rumors he may miss all of 2010, octagon powerhouse Brock Lesnar has agreed to fight a two-story building. UFC President Dana said, "We haven't set the date yet, but Brock's style and aggression, coupled with the building's solid construction make this a must-see event." Experts believe Lesnar will employ his usual ground-and-pound tactics while the building will adopt a more passive stance, relying on falling materials. "Brock better be careful," said mixed martial arts analyst Zane Yipyani. "That building features Spanish style architecture. If he hits a supporting wall too hard, he could loosen a roof tile, and if one of those hits you, it's leaving a mark, even if you don't have a neck like Brock." According to Yipyani, Dana White intends planting a tape of Frank Mir inside the building, taunting Lesnar and calling him 'stupid' and 'a lumbering oaf,' similar to Mir's remarks prior to UFC 100. "Brock's a touchy guy," added Yipyani. "He doesn't like being disrespected, even by a structure." (Photo:

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Steve Burri said...

The bout negotiations are at a standstill since Lesnar is requiring creosote testing before the fight and the house is balking and suing the Lesnar camp for defamation.