Sunday, January 10, 2010

'Game Change': Angry Biden Voted for McCain

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Like the underside of a B-52, bombs keep falling from leaked excerpts of Game Change, including the news that in November 2008, Joe Biden voted for John McCain as president of the United States. Angered at the Obama team for sealing him inside a 55-galleon drum during conference calls, former Senator Biden, according to the book, pulled the lever for opponent John McCain in a fit of resentment and confusion. Drawing on anonymous sources, authors John Heilemann and Mark Halperin catalog the abuses Biden endured as vice-presidential candidate including having his hotel bed short-sheeted, constantly sent on photo ops with bee keepers, and forced to watch Harvey Weinstein beat an intern senseless with a bowling pin in return for a duffle bag of Hollywood cash. Furious when Team Obama chose his double for the vice-presidential debates, a frustrated Biden told one source, 'I can handle things. I'm smart, not dumb, like everybody says, I'm smart.' Game Change is due out January 11. Vice-President Joe Biden refused comment. Said Biden, "There's nothing to say. My double's actions speak for themselves." (Photo:

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