Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Students Participate in Global Climate Inaction Day

BEAVER FALLS, PA - Children at Joe Namath Elementary School are learning about spelling instead of recycling as part of Global Climate Inaction Day. "Most of the semester, our kids are taught about drowned polar bears and pretty island nations submerged by rising sea levels," said second grade teacher Terri Roytan. " So, on this one day, the school focuses on non-global warming subjects and just teaches math and reading, stuff like that." Roytan stated the school is under a lot of pressure from parents to make everyday climate inaction day, but dismissed the concerns. "If these kids don't go home frightened over anthropogenic global warming, we haven't done our jobs. But try and get parents to see that." Roytan believes the day of inaction may work in favor of a terrorcentric curriculum. "I'm pretty sure that after a day of history and quizzes, kids will be eager to sit back and learn how Man is destroying everything cute and good. We're telling kids Avatar is real and that they need to become blue to become green. Just not today."

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