Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scientist Trumpets Elephant Language

CENTRAL AFRICA - A researcher studying elephants has identified several key sounds that, when coupled with behaviour, translate into words. Said Ball State scientist Emily Dunklehoffer, "So far, I've identified three sentences clearly. They are:
  • I have trunk worm.
  • My big round feet hurt.
  • Call me 'Jumbo' and you're dead.
Dunklehoffer has studied elephants for almost 20 years and hopes to one day publish an elephant thesaurus. "Other people are working on the dictionary. We hope to compile a lot of synonyms and antonyms. I think it'll help with research grants." Dunklehoffer then rolled in the mud to shield herself from biting flies, put on a tutu and ran in a circle until exhausted as the elephants watched and sadly shook their huge heads.
(Photo: http://www.hickerphoto.com/elephants-mating-205-pictures.htm)

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