Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anti-War Video Game Features First Person Puppets

EVERETT, WA - See through the eyes of a giant puppet as Novacon/Deepgnome publishes Call of Protest, the first anti-war video game. Players assume the roles of protesters, organizers, and goofs in Uncle Sam hats as they march and chant, attempting to shut down a future war between the United States and the imaginary nation of Bellawania. While marching, players interact with a Washington, D.C. environment as they battle through counter-protesters, police lines, and a lack of washrooms. By kicking piles of trash dropped by other demonstrators, players can acquire the ability to walk on stilts, wear huge puppet heads with devil horns and a Hitler moustache, and carry signs with trenchant slogans such as "Screw Zionist Amerika" and "War Makes Me Sad and Weepy." Designed for PC, Play Station 3, and XBox 360, "Protest" features a special mode that allows players to cooperate in trashing a McDonald's or overturning cop cars. A time limit goads players to hurry, otherwise they risk being overtaken by the Naked Bike Ride for Peace. Call of Protest is rated Mature for scenes with naked old people and all that implies. (Photo: ESRB website)

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